Dartmouth Kitchens Increase Property Value

The Hub of your home:

As most people consider the kitchen as the homes hub, where the family gets together to converge to socialise, have a meal or just to catch up over a drink.

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With this being the case when renovating or getting ready to sell, to increase the value having one of the dartmouth kitchens in their comfortable, stylish, and modern designs can only be a plus when coming to value.

Kitchens have evolved from the traditional room to cook to a multi-purpose room with every item from different rooms found in some nook or cranny.

Some modern kitchens now come equipped with computer desks to entertainment areas. Therefore, kitchen design is not a matter of picking material and colour and that's it! No!

Factors to consider are more complicated like space, practicality, layout, and maintenance all become considerations especially if you are looking to add value to your home.


Nowadays, the design of your kitchen has become more and more important as it has become the "new socialising area" of every family home.

Most Dartmouth Kitchens, though contemporary, are still designed to the prevailing fashions the client has in his or her mind.

These feature arrays of textures, colours, and styles to make everyone and anyone feel welcome in a fun and practical manner, paying attention not only to safety but the individual style and practicality of the design.

The comparison of the traditional and modern kitchen:

Dating back to the Victorian era the traditional kitchen was built for that specific home and to last and suit it for a long time with one owner in mind, with hand-painted walls with every now and again a new fresh coat could be reapplied and so giving it a fresh new look yet staying the same.

This usually reflected the house as a whole from room to room. Whereas the more modern creations have thrown all these out of the window and anything goes as far as the designer and owner's imagination could take them.

Designing to maximize space and functionality:

Before planning your new kitchen, brainstorm with your designer, or if doing it DIY, then with your Dartmouth Kitchens representative, on the some of the aspects of the new kitchen that will reflect your love for each area considered.

It is a good idea to sketch, no matter how mundane your artistic abilities are, just to get a basic layout and idea of what you want or need.

This will be a great help when thinking about functionality and shape.


Last to mention but very important is safety. Make sure your kitchen is well ventilated and has as much natural light and visibility outside as possible with enough moving space without bashing into obstacles with unrestricted access from as many entry points as possible.

Now that you have your basic ideas and plans about your new kitchen, your kitchen will not only offer you a lifetime of socialising memories but will really increase your value as per the market and new owners are all looking for homes like these.